Available at www.waterbedoutlet.com - Since retail waterbed stores are nowhere to be found, the internet has become the choice for waterbed connoisseurs. Here lies the problem. One company says that a 4 Layer Mattress is 90% Waveless, while the another says that theirs is 99% Waveless. Most of the time the consumer just buys by price and "Expectation" - The waterbed mattress arrives, gets filled and is as wavy as a free flow and then suddenly your "Expectations" have been let down and you feel ripped off. We've seen this time and time again. That is why we have made these video's so that when you buy from us the waterbed mattress will perform exactly as it does in the video. Expectations Fulfilled! This mattress has been filled for two weeks before the video was shot so to allow for the fiber to expand.

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